Gather Information for Your Protection and Peace of Mind

Gather Information for Your Protection and Peace of Mind

Trust us to conduct background checks in Port St. Lucie, FL

You want to know about any potential threats far in advance. That's why it helps to hire Federated Protective Service Inc for intelligence services. We can provide background checks for various individuals to give you more information about potential new hires, nannies, business partners or tenants.

Our intelligence services also include:

  • Threat assessments
  • Strategic threat mitigation planning
  • Active intelligence monitoring (AIM)
  • Private investigations
  • Covert surveillance
  • Corporate espionage countermeasures

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Depend on us for intelligence services

You can trust us to perform all sorts of intelligence services for you or your firm. We are committed to providing accurate information in a short time frame, putting together the proper tools and strategies we need to protect you. We can figure out the itinerary of the person in question to make sure they won't bring anything negative to your workplace.

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